Primary & Secondary Field Studies

Our residential geography fieldwork programmes for Key Stages 1-3 offer students a chance to explore and understand the environment around them, from adaptations on the rocky shore, to the formation of dramatic landscapes on Hartland Heritage Coast.

Our activity design takes careful consideration of your particular group, ensuring your students’ curriculum needs, as well as their curiosity, are met. We encourage students to engage with the environment around them by asking important questions that utilise their mathematics and language skills.

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Courses can explore the formation of various landscapes and the coast around North Devon, investigate various habitats, the marine environment and the diversity of sand dune systems. We can also look at the environmental and historical changes that have taken place and the geographical process and patterns that have shaped the area.

Key Geography and Biology concepts such as longshore drift or habitat zonation can either be introduced for the first time whilst out in the field, or students can apply classroom knowledge already learned from school to see how it measures up to ‘real life’.

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GCSE Programmes

Courses set for pupils aged between 14-16 years old, students will undertake several pieces of Geography fieldwork at stunning locations.

Students will be introduced to all stages of an investigation, including setting a testable hypothesis and deciding on a sampling strategy, use of scientific equipment and apparatus when out in the field, primary data collection and presentation, and the process of articulating a robust conclusion and evaluation.

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Our 22 acre site is perched on the edge of the North Devon coast near Appledore. This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is one of the finest outdoor playgrounds in the UK, we are surrounded by diverse geographical areas - the perfect environment to explore, learn and have fun!

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