What schools want from their Field Studies trip

What schools want from their Field Studies trip

Take a look at what some schools had to say about their field studies experiences at the Lodge!

Quality fieldwork is the priority for all school geography departments. Since the curriculum changes back in 2016, with students expected to undertake two quality days of fieldwork at AS Level, and four quality days at A Level, demand for a greater location for field studies has increased, as well as the requirement for teachers to review their current fieldwork provision.

An extra hassle we’re sure many teachers would prefer to outsource. And they can at Skern Lodge! What better way for a geographer to remember the formation of sedimentary rock strata whilst descending across it from a clifftop abseil, or experience the lateral movement of longshore drift whilst trying to catch a wave on a surf board?

Students have the most motivating experiences with us, in addition to greater chances to access high level marks and success with their non-examined assessment (NEA) at Skern Lodge; which is 20% of an A Level student’s grade. Younger GCSE level students are also inspired to take their studying further with geography teachers benefiting from a higher uptake in A-Level students.

Here’s what some schools had to say about their field studies experience at Skern Lodge:  

A geography HoD at secondary school in Buckinghamshire, said:

“Tom and Daisy are always helpful and adaptable to support our students, and me! Students are now in an excellent position to write up their Independent Investigation. As their teacher, I particularly feel like I have learnt a lot about the new demands of A Level. I’m very happy with the programme that Skern offers, Tom has become an excellent tutor for our Independent Investigations…. Skern delivers the goods again! Tom continues to help us improve our NEA preparations and is very easy and helpful to work with.”

This school has been bringing A Level groups to Skern Lodge for the past 17 years, since field studies started! They continue to bring students to Skern Lodge to complete the first parts of the investigation process.

A head of geography at a secondary school in Bristol, said:

“Thanks for another great trip! It’s so great to be back. Daisy and Tom are fantastic tutors that work incredibly hard and build brilliant relationships with students very quickly. They are a credit to Skern and really demonstrate what geography is all about!! Thank you.”

This school visits us in autumn to complete a tutor-led fieldwork skills course. They then go on to begin their Independent Investigation write up the following year, utilising what they’d learnt with us to help guide them through it. Visiting in autumn allows them to build up some great case studies to be used throughout the year and in their exams. A huge advantage to booking a field studies trip early in the academic year.

A Year 6 teacher from an international middle school in Surrey, said:

“Skern is a wonderful place for students to connect with nature and themselves. The tutors always give clear goals and objectives and safety is always important. The places we visit, and the lessons/activities taught are wonderful, the kids have had a wonderful time! Each time we have visited Skern, we have had excellent care and direction from the tutors. Our accommodation, food and activities were all of high standard. The tutors were fantastic with our students – very knowledgeable, able to communicate well with students and always safe and thoughtful.”

This Year 6 group really enjoyed exploring the sand dune formation at Braunton Burrows and coastal landforms at Hartland as part of their science studies, as well as a hands-on bird of prey workshop.

A Year 6 teacher from a junior school in Hertfordshire, said:

“Daisy and Russ were brilliant, every day they asked what we needed and tailored everything perfectly and with flexibility. Every tutor/instructor were fantastic – they built great relationships with the pupils. They were always on time, so kind and patient. Thank you for being amazing!”

This Year 6 group started coming to Skern Lodge in 2017. Their aim is to explore a different geographical location to their home town and combine adventurous activities with an educational purpose. They learn about plant biodiversity on the sand dunes of Braunton Burrows, go rafting on the River Torridge, visit Hartland Quay, and create their own questionnaires in order to find out more about the town of Bideford.

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